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Hospitality IT Services

Every hospitality business and restaurant, every network and every hotel is unique. That’s why Enitech provides you with the industry’s broadest range of network services and coverage options while lowering your total cost of network ownership. We deliver our clients hospitality IT solutions that include better connectivity while lowering their network costs, and we deliver it all with the peace of mind that comes from having a single point of contact for everything from implementation and management to security, billing, and support.

In a world of IT without boundaries, our managed services and cloud offerings for hospitality and restaurants help you innovate, get to market faster and achieve your business goals, all at a lower cost.

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Hospitality & Restaurant IT Solutions

Compliance & Security

Most believe they are doing everything to protect consumers and stay PCI compliant. With all the demands for privacy, retailers must question if they are doing enough. For some, protecting a customer’s personal and credit card data as well as merchant data is a challenging feat. You must be diligent with their data security. If you are non-compliant, there’s serious backlash. With the right security and intelligence tools from Enitech, you can maintain PCI compliance while creating a secure data environment and a safe place for customers.

Customer Engagement

The use of smart phones and technologies, such as geo-fencing or beaconing, enables you to engage with their customers in new ways. Partnering with Enitech, you successfully engage by tracking customer activity throughout the entire experience, create effective marketing strategies, fine-tune promotions and notify customers about services and products they might be interested in.

Deliver Consistent Customer Experience

Customers today expect you to make things easy. They want to be able to quickly access all the information they need to make a purchase. Those who invest in technology to provide their customers with the right tools are able to deliver the connected service customers expect. By delivering a personalized and rewarding experience, you can capitalize on business opportunities, increase sales and retain customers with Enitech.

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