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Law Firm IT 

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Law Firm IT Services

Law firms face two constant profitability pressures – keep clients happy and keep costs down. Technology plays a key role in handling both with practice management systems, online research tools, unified communications, private networks, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. Some firms have a technology profile that justifies maintaining a large and expensive internal IT organization. Others, primarily boutique firms, have only a fraction of that infrastructure. For them, the investment and its total cost of ownership is not easily justified. For these smaller firms, outsourcing to Enitech for legal and law firm IT services is an affordable alternative.

No one understands IT for law firms more than we do. Keep up with cybersecurity with our IT support and consulting services. We help law firms and legal practices reduce the cost of buying and managing technology, from strategy and planning to full outsourced IT management.

Affordable Alternatives For Managing Security & Technology

Law Firm & Legal IT Solutions

Client Relations

Your clients interact with your technologies every day. From phone systems to video conferencing and from account management to sharing documents. How well your technology supports those interactions drives customer perceptions of your firm. Enitech keeps your communications and client management streamlined and efficient.


Your business needs determine which parts of your infrastructure you keep in house, which you colocate or host with Enitech, and which bring the best value when delivered in the cloud. That includes storage, security, applications, traffic management – every element of your IT landscape.


Your team is in meetings or out of the office much of the time. They compensate for that with mobile devices to make decisions and collaborate anytime and anywhere. Those devices have to be constantly connected to your network, identified, inventoried and monitored. Enitech keeps your team and you connected when you are on the go.


When you become a mobile firm, you open an even wider door to security risks. One hacking event, one lost phone, or one instance of lost client data batters your reputation. Your technology has to be bulletproof. Guarding against risk is a full-time job for experts like Enitech.


You face three costs. First is the capital cost of owning and licensing technology. Second is the operational cost of keeping that technology running. Third is the opportunity cost you risk when your technology goes down. Enitech helps you controls those costs.

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