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Non-Profit IT Support 

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Non-Profit IT Services

The non-profit organization (NPO) is the poster child for “do more with less.” With a fundamental goal of reinvesting every dollar earned back into the NPO, it’s imperative that every part of the operation is as lean and as cost-effective as possible. You have many different people to serve: the people you help, the partner organizations you work with to help them, the donors that help you pay for it, and others. Therefore, you need technology to make it more efficient, more available, and more cost-effective.

All of that technology needs Enitech to keep it running. Applications have to be installed, updated and tested to ensure they integrate with all your existing software. Hardware goes through the same process. Each desktop, server and appliance must be expertly installed, maintained and repaired. Networks are in the mix because you are sending critical, and sometimes privacy-protected, data that has to reach its destination fast and without error or attack.

We help non-profits and charities reduce the cost of buying and managing technology. We offer managed non-profit IT services that range from strategy and planning to complete outsourced IT management.

Expert Support For Your Mission

Non-Profit IT Solutions

Quantity & Quality

Enitech starts with defining the right IT strategy for your business. From there, we design a solid and flexible architecture. Let us evaluate and implement the products and services that will be components of that architecture. We watch it day and night to make sure it’s always running.

Cost Reductions

Non-profits must take full advantage of the technologies that reduce the cost of services, and the time it takes to communicate information internally, to the people you help, and to the stakeholders who support the work it does. Enitech helps you reduce those costs and improve productivity.

Modern Technologies

Delivery channels for programs and services are exploding, nowadays encompassing websites, email, mobile, social, and other technologies. Enitech provides you all the latest ways to deliver your message and bring awareness to your cause.


Collaboration is key to managing both resources and money. Sharing files, schedules and contact information through technology streamlines the operation, reduces the workload for your staff and volunteers, and saves money. Enitech connects you with all your available resources.

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