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Data Backup & Recovery Services

Whether it’s a data breach, power outage or natural disaster, incidents can occur. And when they do, they wreak havoc on your bottom line by leading to costly downtime and causing irreparable damage to your reputation.

Our disaster data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services are cost-efficient, scalable and priced to fit into any budget. We feature data encryption at leading data centers and custom scheduling, with services that are available on iOS, Windows and Linux. Our trained team of professionals will make sure you’re back up and running as soon as disaster strikes, and we’re always staying on top of your industry’s ever-changing regulations, ensuring our services are compliant and do not cost you money in fines.

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Benefit From Our Data Backup & Recovery Services

Your Data Is Protected

Enitech’s backup and disaster recovery makes it easy to safeguard your business information. Installation is simple and backups are automatic. Security is uncompromised, with maintenance handled by a dedicated group of professionals. The offsite storage system allows scalability and provides 24×7 file restoration.

Speed. Reliability. Scalability.

Enitech uses tier-1 backbone providers and multiple gigabits of provisioned bandwidth capacity to deliver maximum speed, reliability and virtually unlimited scalability. Increasing data growth is covered with petabyte storage potential on the back-end.

Up To Date Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements are rapidly changing and often burdensome. Enitech is on top of them so you don’t have to be. Our expert team monitors the relevant criteria for your business environment and deploys solutions accordingly in real time.

Restore Quickly

You can relax knowing that Enitech will get your business back on track quickly. We’ll restore backups while identifying the source of failure and with fail-safe routing, keep your systems working resulting in less downtime for your business.

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