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Wi-Fi Networks

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Expert Solutions For Your Wi-Fi Network

Enitech, a provider of managed IT services, helps design and implement wi-fi network solutions that make good economic sense for your business. We allow proper access, along with required security against unauthorized users. We cut down on the cost of you doing business and doing business fast. We help increase transactions, reduce inventory, ease entry to markets and suppliers, and elevate supply chain management. Your team can work from home or abroad. There’s nothing remote about this kind of efficiency.

Do more from virtually anywhere, and close the gap between employees and productivity.

Let Us Design A Wi-Fi Solution That Fits Your Business Needs

Benefits Of Our Wi-Fi Network Solutions


Enitech logs in users to ramp up mobile productivity and service opportunities that’s simply not possible with wired networks. Your staff needs to carry portable wi-fi handsets to take calls anywhere, anytime. What about wi-fi-enabled PDAs and laptops for quick and easy access to real-time information?

Reduce Cost Of Ownership

Enitech accounts for significantly lower installation expenses. You lessen the life-cycle costs of your investment in wireless hardware. You get greater long-term cost benefits in dynamic environments that require frequent moves and changes. We help unlock those financial cuffs and free your business to become more profitable.

Installation Speed & Simplicity

Enitech installs a wi-fi network system expeditiously and easily. Of course, we remove the need to pull cable through your office walls and ceilings, and there’s no wiring for PCs. There are no more switches, adapters, plugs, pins and connectors, making for a neater environment.


Enitech helps your business ascend to new heights. We configure your wi-fi network to specific applications and installations. Easily changed, they range from peer-to-peer networks, which are suitable for limited users, to full-infrastructure networks for many more users roaming over a broad area. You also get insight from regular summary reports about your network. You can now better understand traffic, clients and application usage.

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